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General Enquiries: 01249 712232
Appointments: 01249 713019
Cancel Appointments: 01249 717030
Fax: 01249 701389

Out of Hours: 
NHS 111

Beechfield Road, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9DL [Map]

Social Workers


The Department of Adult and Community Services (DACS), formerly Social Services, provides help, support and care to adults in need in Wiltshire.


How do I get help?


You can get help by contacting the Adult and Community Services Social Care Helpdesk on 0300 456 0111.


You can also ask someone else to make contact on your behalf.


Outside of office hours contact the Emergency Duty Service on 0845 6070888.


The National Health Service (NHS) and Community Care Act requires local Social and Health Services to ensure that support and care is provided to those in greatest need.


As the Department of Adult and Community Services receive more requests for help than there is available funding, we have to decide:


1. Who should get a service.

2. In what order of priority.

3. How services can best be provided.

4. Whether we will provide the service ourselves or suggest another more appropriate organisation.


This is to ensure that people in greatest need will get most help.


How do we decide who should get a service?


Services for Users


When a person asks us for help, we make an assessment. This means that we talk to you to find out more about your situation and your care needs. Your need for services may be due to physical disability or impairment, mental health problems or environmental or social factors. The more complex you needs, the more detailed your assessment will need to be.


Services for Carers


If you are a carer and provide substantial and regular amounts of care to the person you look after, you are eligible for an assessment of your own care needs in relation to the person(s) you care for. As a carer, you may be able to access Services provided through the Carers Special Grant.


If, outside of your role as a carer, you meet the Eligibility Criteria, you are entitled to receive services in your own right.


Who is eligible for an assessment?


You are normally eligible for an assessment if you:

  • Have a physical impairment
  • Have a sensory loss
  • Have a terminal illness
  • Are developing confusion/dementia
  • Are frail
  • Are vulnerable to the risk of neglect or abuse
  • Have a learning disability
  • Have a severe mental illness
  • Are a carer

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