Covid 19 Precautions from July 19th 2021

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Throughout the pandemic we have strived to keep the surgery as safe as possible for all our patients and staff. We will continue to do so moving forwards. From July 19th nothing will change at the surgery – patients will still need to wear a face mask, keep socially distanced and use hand sanitiser before coming in and whilst in the surgery. The staff will continue to wear face masks when in contact with patients and when they move away from their workstations.

We do understand that it can be frustrating, but we know that when people come to us, they are sick and vulnerable (and some cannot receive the COVID vaccinations due to medical reason) so we feel it would be wrong to not to take these small precautions that can protect so many people.

Patients that refuse to wear a mask- If, after following an explanation the patient continues to decline to wear a mask, they will be required to wait outside the building until their appointment time and escorted straight back out of the building once their appointment has finished. We understand that face mask refusers are different to those that are medically exempt – please ensure you clarify this if asked. Patients that are exempt from wearing a mask are still able to attend their appointments in the usual manner.

If you have any questions, please do ask.