Changes we have made through patient feedback

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I missed my appointment as I didn’t check in but was in the Surgery.We have requested that all clinicians now call out your name in the waiting room before moving on to the next patient.
It is confusing when first diagnosed with coeliac disease; more support and information would be helpful.We have attached a link on our website to the Coeliac Association.
It is difficult to attend for smears when you have children and work.One of our nurses works alternate Saturdays to provide appointments for patients who find it difficult to attend during the week.
Appointment details on the call sign are not displayed for long enoughWe’ve amended the times to enable patients longer to read.
I am in a wheelchair and struggle to use the blood pressure booth.Displayed a sign advising you to request the receptionist to rearrange the layout of the booth to facilitate wheelchair access.
Baby immunisations: different times of the day and different days of the week are needed.We have 2 nurses who carry out immunisations’ we offer morning and afternoon appointments on different days of the week.
When handing in a urine sample you didn’t like being asked ‘Why you were handing in the urine sample?’Our reception team now ask WHO requested you submit the sample. This will help meet our need to determine if the sample should be tested in the surgery or sent to the RUH for further testing.
I used the cancellation line but it was not actioned prior to my appointment time (7:15am). I received a SMS advising I had missed my appointment.In these circumstances our receptionists will now contact patients to confirm the cancellation has been received and to disregard the automated SMS message.
We would like easier access to the building.Disabled access with touch pads to open the main reception doors has been installed.
Why isn’t there a water dispenser?We do not have a water dispenser but water is available for all patients.All patients are welcome to ask at reception for a glass of water and a member of the team will get you a glass of water.