Hay Fever

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What can I get in my Pharmacy?

In most cases there is no difference between what would be prescribed and what you can purchase. If you have tried 3 antihistamines, 2 nasal sprays and the eye drops and are still finding that your hay fever is impacting your day to day life contact the surgery. Speak to your local community pharmacy for advice.


Cetirizine, Loratadine, Acrivastine, Chlorphenamine, Fexofenadine

Nasal sprays:

Beclometaonse, Fluticasone, Mometasone

Eye drops:

Sodium Cromoglicate

What can I do to help my symptoms?

  • Minimise outdoor activity at peak pollen times (early morning, early evening, during mowing) and avoid going outside during or after thunderstorms
  • Keep house and car windows closed, especially when pollen count is high
  • Avoid large grassy areas, woodland, cutting the grass, pollutants and car fumes
  • Wear wrap-around sunglasses
  • When you get in from outside, shower and change your clothes
  • If possible stay indoors when the pollen count is high
  • Use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) inside your nose to block inhalation of pollen
  • Don’t dry washing outside to avoid pollen sticking to your clothes
  • Consider buying a pollen filter for the air vents in the car
  • Bedding to reduce exposure to house dust mite can be bought, if necessary, frequent hoovering may also help
  • Take any medication regularly rather than when required
  • Stop smoking