A survey on domestic abuse: listening to the experiences of victim/survivors in Wiltshire

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Wiltshire Council is running a survey to gather the views of people who have experienced domestic abuse across Wiltshire.

The survey provides an opportunity for victims and survivors of domestic abuse to anonymously share their experience. The results of the survey will shape the local Domestic Abuse Strategy, influencing how future support services are run. 

The survey is open to people aged 16 and over until Friday 31 May 2024.

The survey can be completed in the following ways:

Please note: the questions in this survey are in relation to domestic abuse, which is a sensitive and difficult topic for many. Please make sure you reach out for support if you need it. FearFree (Wiltshire’s domestic abuse support service) can help if you are currently experiencing domestic abuse or have in the past. Contact them via…
Phone: 01225 775275
Email: [email protected]
Online: www.fearfree.org.uk/refer/wiltshire

If you are in immediate danger, please phone 999.