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Physio that gets results.

Pickwick Physiotherapy is a team of highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who have advanced assessment skills, enabling them to quickly identify the cause of a person’s problem.  Their expert “hands on” treatment techniques help relieve pain, restore of movement, strength and function. There is no need to get a referral from your Doctor, you can simply book in.

Pickwick Physiotherapists runs clinics from the Porch Surgery and The First Step Gym in Corsham.

We often help to people with

Back pain
Neck pain
Frozen shoulder
Knee pain
Heel and ankle pain
Muscle strains
Hip pain
After fracture or operations
Achilles Tendinopathy
Sprained ankles
Tennis elbow

Physiotherapy can help reduce pain, stiffness and increase movement and strength. 

To book please visit our website to book online.

Or call 01249 588008

We are registered with AXA, AVIVA, Bupa, Cigna, Vitality Health, WPA and Simply Health.


Watson’s Court Podiatry

For over 20 years, Watson’s Court Podiatry has been providing its clients with high-quality, cost-effective treatment.

As well as expert podiatry, our clinic offers two specialist services: surgery for ingrown nails and lower limb biomechanical assessments/orthotic prescriptions.

This range of expertise means that the clinic is a ‘one stop shop’ for foot-related problems, saving our clients the inconvenience of having to find two or more treatment centres.

Please visit for more information or ring the surgery on 01249 712232 to book an appointment.

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist

Sports and remedial massage therapy, also known as soft tissue therapy, is a type of treatment that works with the soft tissues of the body – the muscles, fascia, ligaments and connective tissue. 

What can soft tissue therapy help with?

Aches & pains, injuries and trauma

It can help in the recovery, rehabilitation and prevention of further injury to the muscles and soft tissues of the body. These stresses may result from activities in the home and workplace as well as those resulting from sports related activities.

Sports massage

Promotes healthy soft tissues for optimal performance pre and post event. Sports massage is widely recognised as an essential addition to any training programme. It enables the athlete to increase the quantity and quality of their training and can catch niggles before they develop into an injury.

Musculoskeletal and chronic conditions

Soft tissue therapy can help wth some symptoms of chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and many other muscle-skeletal conditions such as:

Sports injuries, Back pain, Frozen shoulder , Tennis or Golfers Elbow, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Arthritis, Migraines, Tension headaches, Muscle strains, Joint sprains and Plantar fasciitis 

Sports and remedial massage therapy complements physiotherapy which is also available at The Porch with Jane Clarke of Pickwick Physiotherapy (

Anna is a keen runner and triathlete. She treats people from all walks of life as well as those competing in Ironman competitions, runners, triathletes, rugby players and cyclists. Anna is a Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist, the highest level of Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy.

To book an appointment please contact Anna on 07515109179 or via the website at or email  [email protected]


Helen Collins, Acupuncturist, BSc Hons, Lic Ac, BAcC

I trained full time at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading where I gained a BSc Hons Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine accredited by Kingston University. I am a member of The British Acupuncture Council, the UK’s largest professional self-regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture.

My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed having lived and worked in the Far East for many years and experiencing first hand the many benefits of this ancient form of medicine.

Chinese Medicine theory dates back over 2000 years and uses a systematic structure for understanding the functions of the human body, maintaining that symptoms of disease are the manifestation of an imbalance within different physiological and energetic systems.

I practice a combination of TCM and Five Element Acupuncture. This branch of Chinese Medicine works on the premise that it is important to identify and treat the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms in order to lead to a more permanent health solution.

To build a full picture of health and lifestyle I use traditional diagnostic methods such as questioning, physical examination and pulse & tongue analysis. I aim to tackle both the main complaint along with any accompanying problems boosting overall energy, vitality and strength. I offer restorative treatments focusing on both physical and emotional health and establishing balance between mind and body.

Treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles and additional treatments such as cupping*, moxibustion* or gua sha* may be incorporated into the treatment.

At the first appointment, we will discuss your main complaint, general health and lifestyle. Your first appointment will include a treatment. Patients often report other unexpected benefits such as a better nights sleep, feeling more relaxed or more energised as well as improvements in their main complaint.

Throughout the treatments we will discuss your progress to ensure that you are getting benefit from the treatment. If I feel acupuncture is not the right treatment for you or we are not progressing as expected, rest assured I will not prolong the treatment unnecessarily and will happily discuss other suitable options.

 I am happy to provide a 10 minute telephone consultation to see if Acupuncture is right for you, please call on 0792 119 3310.

 For more information, FAQ and updates on the latest research go to


Initial consultation 1.5 hr – £65

Follow up consultation 45mins -1hr – £45

*Cupping – special suction cups are placed on your skin for a few minutes. It is used to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being.

* Moxibustion – it involves burning moxa, a cone or stick made of ground mugwort leaves, on or near your body’s meridians and acupuncture points in order to stimulate these points and improves the flow of blood and energy in the body.

*Gua Sha – a technique used to relieve acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain, improve circulation and reduce inflammation, support the immune system and address upper respiratory illnesses, and release tension in areas where there is restricted movement. A small handheld tool is used to press and stroke on skin lubricated with oil, almost like a “scraping” technique.