Travel Clinic

The Travel Clinic is currently suspended, please seek treatment privately.

We will be happy to advise you on immunisations and other preparations necessary to ensure your holiday abroad is a healthy one. 

How do I access the Travel Clinic? 

Download the travel assesment form and advice form from ‘Our Documents’.

The Travel Risk Assessment Form needs to be completed and returned to the surgery. before you can book your appointment. 

Travel vaccines can be very complex and numerous factors have to be taken into consideration when giving travel advice and vaccinations. To help the Travel Nurses assess your travel needs it is important that they are in receipt of the risk assessment form before your appointment. 

Travel Clinic Appointments 

Please allow as much notice as possible when booking your Travel Clinic Appointment. 

Even if several weeks notice has been given, it may be that travellers requiring several vaccinations will need to go elsewhere to obtain some of their vaccinations. 

If you require travel advice and injections, you will need to complete a Risk Assessment Form prior to attending your initial assessment appointment.  This Risk Assessment Form can be downloaded from this site or collected from Reception.

Failure to Attend Appointment 

If you fail to keep your travel clinic appointment without giving adequate cancellation notice, you will not be able to book a further Travel Clinic appointment at the Porch Surgery. See other options below.

If you are travelling imminently and need to obtain Travel advice/vaccines from an alternative source, some other options available are: 

NOMAD TRAVEL CLINICS (Bristol) 01179 226567
THE BATH CLINIC01225 835555

Do I Have to Pay? 

There is a charge for some holiday vaccinations.

There are also plenty of good sources of information available on the internet and we would recommend the following:

             FIT FOR TRAVEL

Vaccination Charges 

Some vaccinations are free of charge, others will incur a fee and others will involve you taking a private prescription, for which there is a £20.00 charge per patient per prescription to the chemist (note that the chemist will also charge for the cost of the vaccination and the dispensing costs).

Hepatitis A Vaccine (Havrix) 1st dose, adultFree
Hepatitis A Vaccine (Havrix) 2nd dose, adultFree
Hepatitis A Vaccine (Havrix) 1st dose, childFree
Hepatitis A Vaccine (Havrix) 2nd dose, childFree
Meningococcal ACWY£40
Hepatitis B Vaccine – travelHepatitis B Vaccine – Occupational Health£40 per vaccine £120 per course of 3 vaccines or £40.00 per vaccination
Rabies *£165.00 per course (3 vaccinations required)
Tick-Borne Encephalitis *£180.00
Japanese B Encephalitis *£180.00
Private Prescription£20.00 per item    see note at top of page
Yellow FeverWe are not able to provide Yellow Fever vaccination

* Prices are approximate due to supplier’s charge