Practice Statements

Statements available:

  • Statement of Intent for the Porch Surgery- IT/Electronic patient records
  • Statement of Purpose


Statement of Intent for The Porch Surgery

IT/Electronic Patient Records

New contractual requirements came into force from 1st April 2015 requiring that GP practices should make available a statement of intent in relation to the following IT developments:-

  1. Referral Management
  2. Electronic Appointment Booking
  3. Online Booking of repeat prescriptions
  4. Summary Care Record
  5. GP2GP transfers – The Porch Surgery now offer our patients all of the requirements under the GP contract relating to IT developments.
  1. Patient Access to the detailed information from the medical record.

Statement of Purpose

Health and Social Care Act 2008

Part 1

Health and Social Care Act 2008, Regulation 12, schedule 3

The provider’s business contact details, including address for service of notices and other documents, in accordance with Sections 93 and 94 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008


1.  Provider’s name and legal status
Full name1 The Porch Surgery
CQC provider ID 1-19975143
Legal status1 Partnership


2.  Provider’s address, including for service of notices and other documents
Business address2 The Porch Surgery

Beechfield Road

Town Corsham
County Wiltshire
Post code SN13 9DL
Business telephone 01249 712232
Electronic mail (email)3 [email protected]


We do wish to receive notices and other documents from CQC by email Yes


3.  The full names of all the Partners in the Porch Partnership
Dr St John Mohr

Dr William Davies

Dr Joanna Swallow

Dr Michele Reade

Dr Catherine Bennett


Part 2

Aims and objectives


  • To provide high quality primary care treatment to our patient population to include consultations, examinations and treatment of medical conditions.
  •  To focus on prevention of disease by promoting healthy living.
  •  To understand and meet the needs of our patients, involve them in decision making about their treatments and encourage them to participate fully.
  • To involve other professionals in the care of our patients where it is in the patients best interests; i.e. referring for specialist care and advice.
  • To ensure that all members of the team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently.
  • To create an educational environment, where staff promote and create learning amongst themselves, GP Registrars and Students
  • To review annually patient satisfactions surveys of the people who use our service and use the results to change when required.


Part 3

Location and the people who use the service their service type(s) and regulated activities.

Name of location  The Porch Surgery
Address Beechfield Road



Postcode SN13 9DL
Telephone 01249 712232
Email [email protected]


Description of the location

(The premises and the area around them, access, adaptations, equipment, facilities, suitability for relevant special needs, staffing & qualifications etc)

The Porch Surgery is a purpose built General Practice situated in the town of Corsham.  Patients are seen on the ground floor which is flat with access for wheelchairs.


We serve a population of circa 12,000 from the town and surrounding communities.



CQC service user bands:
The whole population
The CQC service types(s) provided at this location:
Doctors consultation Service (DCS)

Doctors treatment Service (DTS) 

Regulated activity(ies) carried on at this location
Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

Registered Manager for this activity:  Dr St John Mohr

Surgical Procedures

Registered Manager for this activity:  Dr St John Mohr

Diagnostic and Screening procedures

Registered Manager for this activity:  Dr St John Mohr

Maternity and Midwifery service

Registered Manager for this activity:  Dr St John Mohr

Family Planning Service

Registered Manager for this activity:  Dr St John Mohr

Part 4

Registered manager details

The information below is for manager number: 1  of a total of: 1 Managers working for the provider shown in part 1


1.  Manager’s full name Dr St. John Mohr 


2.  Manager’s contact details
Business address The Porch Surgery 
Town/city Corsham 
County Wiltshire 
Post code SN13 9DL 
Business telephone 01249 712232 
Manager’s email address
[email protected]


3.  Locations managed by the registered manager at 1 above

(Please see part 3 of this statement of purpose for full details of the location(s))

Name of location (list)  Percentage of time spent at this location
The Porch Surgery 100%
4.  Regulated activities managed by this manager:
Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
Surgical procedures
Diagnostic and screening procedures
Maternity and midwifery services
Family planning service



5.  Locations, regulated activities and job shares

Where this manager does not manage all of the regulated activities ticked / checked at 4 above at all of the locations listed at 3 above, please describe which regulated activities they manage at which locations below.

Please also describe below any job share arrangements that include or affect this manager.