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Sharing Your Health Record

What is your health record?

Your health record contains all the clinical information about the care you receive. When you need medical assistance it is essential that clinicians can securely access your health record. This allows them to have the necessary information about your medical background to help them identify the best way to help you. This information may include your medical history, medications and allergies.

Why is sharing important?

Health records about you can be held in various places, including your GP practice and any hospital where you have had treatment. Sharing your health record will ensure you receive the best possible care and treatment wherever you are and whenever you need it. Choosing not to share your health record could have an impact on the future care and treatment you receive. Below are some examples of how sharing your health record can benefit you:

  • Sharing your contact details - This will ensure you receive any medical appointments without delay
  • Sharing your medical history - This will ensure emergency services accurately assess you if needed
  • Sharing your medication list - This will ensure that you receive the most appropriate medication
  • Sharing your allergies - This will prevent you being given something to which you are allergic
  • Sharing your test results - This will prevent further unnecessary tests being required
  • Is my health record secure?

    Yes. There are safeguards in place to make sure only organisations you have authorised to view your records can do so. You can also request information regarding who has accessed your information from both within and outside of your surgery.

    Can I decide who I share my health record with?

    Yes. You decide who has access to your health record. For your health record to be shared between organisations that provide care to you, your consent must be gained.

    Can I change my mind?

    Yes. You can change your mind at any time about sharing your health record, please just let us know.

    What is Shared Administration within the Primary Care Network (PCN)?

    The Porch Surgery is part of Chippenham, Corsham and Box (CCB) Primary Care Network (PCN), a group of 5 practices working together with an aim of finding new and improved ways of working, including same day access to a shared physiotherapist and access to the ‘Hot Hub’, a separate, clean and safe environment for patients with suspected COVID-19. Shared Administration allows practices within CCB PCN access to your health records.

    What is your Summary Care Record?

    Your Summary Care Record contains basic information including your contact details, NHS number, medications and allergies. This can be viewed by GP practices, Hospitals and the Emergency Services. If you do not want a Summary Care Record, please ask your GP practice for the appropriate opt out form. With your consent, additional information can be added to create an Enhanced Summary Care Record. This could include your care plans which will help ensure that you receive the appropriate care in the future.

    How is my personal information protected?

    The Porch Surgery will always protect your personal information. For further information about this, please see our Privacy Notice or please speak to a member of our team.

    For further information about your health records, please see:
    For further information about how the NHS uses your data for research & planning and to opt-out, please see:

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