Having a Coil Fitted

What to expect

Having a coil fitted is a medical procedure carried out by a GP or specialist nurse who has had training in this technique.

It takes about 20 minutes.

There is a chaperone/assistant present who at the Porch is usually a healthcare assistant or a nurse, This is to check that you are well throughout and help provide the equipment which the fitter needs.

Swabs will usually be taken during fitting.

You may experience some crampy lower abdominal discomfort and light bleeding during the fitting and for a few days following insertion.

lbuprofen or paracetamol (providing you can tolerate these) can be taken before or after the procedure if required.

It is best to avoid intercourse and to avoid using tampons for the first 3 days after insertion to reduce the risk of infection.

After this time there is no problem with using tampons

Important considerations before a coil is fitted

It is essential that there is no risk of pregnancy.

Ideally you would abstain from sex from the 1st day of your period until the fitting is done.

Alternatively a reliable method of contraception needs to be used (pill or perfect condom use)

A pregnancy test may be required on the day.

Timing of coil fit

Coils can be fitted at any point during the menstrual cycle but it is best to avoid during very heavy bleeds or just prior to anticipated heavy bleeds to minimise the risk of expulsion.


If you feel that you are at high risk of any infection before a coil fit, please discuss this with your GP.

Post pregnancy or Caesarean section or Breastfeeding

These situations make the uterus ‘softer’.

This increases the small risk of perforation from 2/1000 to six-fold higher in breastfeeding women.

For this reason it may be preferable to use alternative contraception measures until 12 weeks after a normal delivery or Caesarean section, and until breastfeeding ceases.