Preparation for Spirometry breathing test

During the spirometry test your lung function is measured when you blow into a machine, and in order to obtain accurate results it is very important to observe the following conditions:

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

Please note Spirometry Appointments cannot be undertaken until at least 6 weeks following a chest infection.

  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing which will not restrict your breathing.
  • Please avoid taking any inhalers the morning of the test if possible.
  • Please avoid a large meal in the 2 hours before your appointment.
  • Please avoid smoking in the 24 hours before the appointment if possible.
  • Please avoid vigorous exercise in the half hour before your appointment.

If you have a worsening of your cough or a chest infection at the time of your appointment, please telephone and postpone as the test would be inaccurate.

Telephone:  01249 712232