New Patients

Registering as a Patient

We are pleased to accept new patients who live in Corsham and surrounding areas onto our practice list (see Practice area)

Does it matter where I live?

Yes, we can only accept patients who live within our practice area.

Who will I be registered with?

You will be registered with The Porch Surgery and will be allocated a ‘usual doctor’.  We do not operate ‘personal’ lists and patients are at liberty to see any clinician they choose.  However, we strongly encourage patients with chronic diseases or on-going illnesses to try and see the same clinician for continuity of care.

For all new Patient Registrations please select the link

Or alternatively please can you download and complete an Adult Registration Pack for those 16 and over or an Under 16’s Registration Pack and return to the surgery any day Mon-Friday after 2:00pm.

For us to register you with online access YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE 2 FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION one of which confirms your present address – as follows:

  • Medical Card with NHS Number
  • Marriage Certificate/ Birth Certificate
  • Current Driving License
  • Current Passport
  • Local Authority Rent Card (not private Landlord)
  • Mortgage statement
  • Paid Utility Bills (not mobile unless Contract)
  • Bank statement or printout showing current address
  • National Insurance Number Card


  • Full name including previous names
  • Date and place of birth
  • Last address (we cannot register you without a previous address)
  • New address and post code
  • Last name and address of your previous doctor
  • NHS number (if known) – this is different from your National Insurance number!

If, at the time of registering you, are taking regular medication, you will need to have an appointment with a doctor. If you are not taking regular medication and over 40, you will need to have a new patient check with the Practice Nurse.

Practice Map

The map shows the contracted Practice area (GREEN) . Anyone living within this area can register with the Practice . Patients who move from the practice area into the  Outer boundary areas ( PURPLE) are also allowed to remain registered , however ‘new’ patients in these outer areas are not permitted to register. 

We do not accept registrations from Patients living outside the Practice area.