Telephone Advice

There are many problems that can be resolved quickly over the telephone and do not need a face to face consultation

The following are a few examples of problems that it may be possible to deal with by a telephone consultation: back pain, sore throat, hay fever, head lice, diarrhoea and vomiting, worms, nose bleeds.

How do I arrange this?

Telephone the appointments number (01249 712232) and give the Receptionist a brief outline of the problem. The Receptionist will be able to assess whether the problem is something that can be dealt with by a telephone consultation and if so, will arrange for a Doctor or Practice Nurse to contact you.


There are other queries that don’t always require an appointment with a GP. A few examples of these are: ongoing sick notes, queries about hospital referrals, questions about medical forms etc.

Most of these queries can be dealt with by speaking to the doctor’s Personal Assistant (PA). Each doctor has their own PA who will be able to liaise with the GP or hospital, and in most cases, resolve the query themselves or arrange for the GP to contact you.